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Your trusted source for quality shipping containers and expert shipping solutions since 1983. We guarantee that you will always be served well.

We are best known for our ability to lower your shipping and container costs while maintaining a consistently high level of service. We anticipate potential problems before they actually become problems, and we make timely recommendations to avoid them - we keep you fully informed.

Shipping Containers

Stacked shipping containers

Fidelco is able to offer you new and used ISO or DNV offshore containers at many key locations in the U.S. and internationally.

Our shipping containers will have current surveys with updated CSC plates. Storage containers will be wind and water tight suitable for storage of cargo.

Always TOP quality containers.

MOST COMPETITIVE pricing, consistently.

Delivery according to YOUR SCHEDULE.

Local CARTAGE and INLAND FREIGHT services also available, and at most competitive prices.

EASY TO WORK WITH: By anticipating your additional requirements, we minimize time spent loading shipments.

We have access to COMPETITIVELY PRICED containers throughout the U.S. and internationally.

We are often able to BUY BACK the containers when you no longer need them.You

Fidelco can make modifications according to your specifications to transform a container into an office, climate-controlled space, toolbox, or on-site warehouse with shelves.

Custom-modified shipping containers

Click here for common container sizes and specifications.

Intermodal Freight Transport

The containers can be picked up by you from our yard closest to your loading site. We can arrange delivery on flatbed trucks, on chassis, or on self-unloading trucks delivered to ground.

Fidelco can arrange trucking to load at your supplier and back to the port or rail ramp as your project requires.

Export-Import Logistics


Fidelco provides shipping expertise to companies of any size, with the services customized to the client’s specific needs. We can handle everything from developing the most advantageous terms of sale and terms of payment, through customs clearance and delivery to the consignee’s door.

We do this for U.S. and non-U.S. clients, for international shipments from/to the U.S., international third-country movements, and U.S. domestic movements.

We can help with the following:

Research and negotiation of current freight rates and services (international, domestic, or third-country).

Terms of payment including letter of credit terms development, document preparation and presentation.

U.S. representation, to encourage a strong relationship with your U.S. vendors or consignees.

Contract for special services (packing, marking, inspections, etc.).You

Terms of sale.

Develop unique options.


Oversight and complete documentation.

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